Nicolas Kimaz Launches Campaign to Unseat Ted Deutch

Boca Raton, FL – Nicolas Kimaz, Conservative Republican Businessman and Holistic Healer launches campaign to unseat Liberal Democrat Ted Deutch in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. The same District of the February 14, 2018 school shooting. Nicolas Kimaz gave the following speech. The speech can also be watched on the Nicolas Kimaz Facebook Page.

“Thank you for joining us for the launch of our campaign. I am Nicolas Kimaz and I am an America First, Conservative Republican, running for Congress in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District against Ted Deutch, a Liberal Democrat who cares more about appeasing the special interests in the Democrat Party than representing his constituents.

America is a special place to me. It is the land of immeasurable opportunity, as Ronald Reagan said, “a shining city on a hill”. There is no other place like it in the world. We must not take the responsibility and blessings we have been handed by our forefathers lightly.

It is our duty to keep the American Dream alive. It is our duty to preserve and fight for what is good about this nation. You see, America isn’t just a great place with liberty and freedom. It is THE place that is holding back evil in the world. It is the nation that time and time again stands up to evil tyrants like Hitler, Communist dictators, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and madmen like Kim Jung Un.

You may notice I speak with an accent. I am proud of my accent because it represents the America Dream. I immigrated to America 40 years ago, escaping the horrible life of a child soldier at the age of 15, where I got here legally, and created my own business. I have mastered the natural and holistic healing and have been very successful.

As a Christian, I feel like I have been doing God’s work. God has been leading me in a different direction now. I want to take my business and healing successes and apply what I have learned to Washington DC and the nation. Our nation needs someone who stands up to tyrants and radical Muslims like I do.

Political correctness has gone off the rails. I see the same similarities here that I saw in Lebanon over 40 years ago. I know what it is like to wake up one day and your country is gone. That is not going to happen to the United States on my watch. I cannot remain silent as Congress ignores our border security, fails to rein in illegal immigration and enables terrorists and their helpers to live among us.

Democrats use Political Correctness to divide us and silence debate. They don’t want you asking about why they don’t have solutions for the economy, jobs, healthcare or national security. I’ve done business here and all over the world. I’m not a politician. I’m a healer and a businessman.

I have no time for Political Correctness. Even if we fix the economy, health, jobs, but ignore National Security, we can lose it all. We can lose America and the American Dream we all know and love. We need someone who will fight for us and for the American Dream.

After all, as President Trump said, “Americans are Dreamers, too.” So let’s dream big and lets ‘Heal America Now.’

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