freedom of speech

Freedom of Speech – “I Vow to Protect Your 1st Amendment.”

The most fundamental constitutional right in our country is the freedom of speech. It is our ability to speak openly about our affiliations, our grievances, and our disagreements with our neighbors. We exercise it in South Florida in our newspapers. We utilize it in our social media posts. However, our most basic of rights is under attack. I, Nicolas Kimaz, stand with Presidential Donald Trump on ALL issues, and maybe most importantly the Freedom of Speech.

The Threat of “Political Correctness”

Political correctness threatens open debate and freedom of speech. Political correctness is conforming to the belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities should be eliminated. This was supposed to be used as a way to de-marginalize minority cultures and creating an egalitarian, or equal, society. However, it has become associated with hypersensitivity. In a panic, political correctness has been warped by the left into an assault on open debate and freedom of speech. I stand behind total freedom of speech and throwing political correctness to the wind to stand up for what we truly believe in and the values that this beautiful country were built on!

Our first amendment fundamentally protects our right to free speech. This means that we are able to openly disagree and voice our opinions, viewpoints, and objections. Discourse is essential to growth. Unfortunately, discourse has been viewed as inciteful and threatening by the left. The entertainment industry and educational field, among other left-leaning institutions,  have been more focused on censoring opinions that don’t align with their agenda than expanding tolerance to difference. No one should be vilified to censorship because their views are different from others. Discourse is not insightful hate speech. Criticism is not unprotected obscenity. In order for South Florida to grow, we must be able to push the conversation with conflicting viewpoints and find ways to deepen an understanding of each other instead of crying censorship. Safe spaces do not make us safer; they prevent us from considering challenging perspectives that are different from our own. Safe space and censorship do not make us more tolerant; they close us off from each other. Censorship cannot be grouped with accountability of speech. There is a difference between being held accountable for our speech and being censored from our speech.

As a constitutional republic in the United States, South Florida must be tolerant to different viewpoints. It’s essential to evolving the narrative of our great nation. We cannot let the fear of our feelings being hurt get in the way of our ability to face the most pressing issues in our district, our state, and our country. We simply do not have the time to worry about walking on eggshells with precise speech because of fear of political correctness. We cannot be in such a rush to misconstrue speech as politically incorrect and cry wolf for censoring speech.

I, Nicolas Kimaz believe that freedom of speech must be protected. As a constitutional republican, Kimaz will stand strong for your right to free speech. While we may not always agree with each other’s viewpoints, we must respect our rights to express them.

I WILL NOT Allow Government Censorship to protect you from reality.

I WILL push for total freedom of speech !