Education is Falling Behind in America

Education in the United States has fallen behind the world, currently ranked 30th internationally. This is alarming when considering that college tuitions and per capita spending on students in public schools are the highest in the world. The state of Florida ranks 29th in the nation, and South Florida’s educational system is due for change.

Education should be left to the states, and more specifically, to competition. I, Nicolas Kimaz am a firm believer in school choice and competition in the education industry, which is why he supports school voucher programs. One big reason school vouchers in South Florida are the way to go is because they allow families the right to choose the right school, public or private, for their students.


Having a Choice About Your Child’s Education

Imagine this: you are paying tax dollars to be forced to go to eat at McDonald’s because it’s closer. However, you instead were in the mood for Subway. When both restaurants are allowed to compete for your business in the free market, and you are able to choose which one you want, you are left with a better outcome. In a similar sense, the school voucher program allows the free market to encourage competition between schools for your educational business. When your student gets to go to the school of choice, there is a higher probability of a better school experience.

With industries across the South Florida competition breeds success and optimum performance. This should apply to the school system as well. When schools have to compete for student enrollment, they will find ways to improve campus conditions, hire the most qualified and exceptional teachers, and run the campus optimally.

Not only that, but school vouchers also give low-income families the opportunity to pursue better education. With school competition driving down the cost of attendance and more efficient spending of government dollars, students have more affordable solutions to better education. Traditionally, families who cannot afford to live in good school districts are subject to failing schools. With vouchers, they do not have to succumb to underperforming schools.

The Coming Change Needed to College Education and After High School Education

I also recognizes some of the shortcomings from colleges and universities across the country. Students should not have to graduate college while drowning in student loan debt, yet in 2015, over 53% of Florida college grads had some form of loans. From 1984-2014, college costs have gone up 260%. Why is it also, in some universities, that some of the endowments are larger than the budgets of medium-sized states, yet charge tuitions that are far outpacing inflation? This cannot be the only option for better economic and job opportunities! Instead, apprenticeships and trade schools should be much more available. With trade schools and apprenticeship programs, students can obtain valuable skills and experience in a high-demand field for a fraction of the price of college. Instead of four-year degrees, trade schools offer two-year certifications for enhanced efficiency. This in turn will get the next generation into South Florida’s workforce faster.


From Broward County to Palm Beach County, Kimaz will be your champion for education by giving you the power to choose what’s best for you!