Nicolas Kimaz is a successful health entrepreneur, business abundance coach and TV & Film Producer. He immigrated to the United States in 1978 to escape civil war and the life of a child soldier at 15 years of age where religious and sectarian divisions tore the country apart.

Today, Nicolas Kimaz lives with his lovely wife Nada and their three children in Boca Raton, Florida.

Read about how 15 year old, child solider Nicolas survived the Lebanese Civil War in the 1970s from an excerpt from “A Quest for Truth,” the autobiography of Nicolas Kimaz. five pages, Read Here.

Mission: Nicolas is running to restore traditional American values to a broken Washington, D.C. – the kinds of values that made America the greatest nation of Earth – and remind America that in the words of President Ronald Reagan, America is “The last best hope of man on Earth” and “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.”

Global Experience: Nicolas founded Lifelong Remedies, an herbal supplement company in 1994 establishing himself as a Global Health Ambassador in the field of nutrition and alternative health therapies. He has worked directly with over 150,000 clients in their health needs. For more than 25 years, Nicolas has served as a distinguished naturopath, a business abundance coach and a businessman.

In his previous life as a Hollywood producer and film maker, Nicolas earned praise as a young successful producer-director at 20 years of age. After dozens of TV and film credits, Nicolas abandoned the world of Hollywood greed and immorality to pursue his true calling of health, abundance and our need for personal transformation.


A Time for Healing: Nicolas has a caring heart for his fellow Americans. He endeavors to heal the world, one person at a time. In furtherance of his healing and caring mission, he felt compelled to run for Congress. His moral compass propels him to bring back respect, principles, and values to Washington, D.C. He believes that political correctness is the greatest social disease affecting America today. This undermining of our right of free expression of speech and of religion, the cornerstone of American values, threaten our tradition of tolerance and equality.

A Champion in Business: Nicolas believes our federal government must live within its means and learn to be “frugal.” Only someone who understands the value of money from a business perspective has the moral authority to tell the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. that they are using “We The People’s Money” and they have an obligation to stop treating the national treasury as their personal piggy-bank.

Recognizing our Security Needs: Nicolas has lived through terrorism. He knows that this type of terrorism is constant around the world and is deeply concerned about similar acts of violence escalating here in the United States. We need a champion who understands the threat that comes from the 150 recognized terrorist organizations identified by our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. These organizations all want to gain control through violence and establish their own totalitarian religious states. They attract new members and radicalize them through the Internet, often targeting the vulnerable such as those with mental illness. Nicolas is committed to the fight against terrorism.

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